2017-2018 Season


Playwright Festival

Produced by Rebecca Cook and Dawn Taylor Reinhardt

March 31
Teams have a director, actors and a stage manager. At 7:00 pm Friday night, Directors draw the name of a playwright out of a hat. The Playwright draws the name of a prop out of a hat. Each Playwright has ten minutes to visit with their director and actors and then they must go write an original play for that team, using that prop, and it has to be done in 12 hours! At 7:00 am Saturday Morning, the teams meet, get their newly written scripts and begin rehearsing, gathering props, costumes and set pieces! At 7:30 pm Saturday Evening, Stage Left presents the fully produced, newly written and rehearsed plays! One performance only.


April 20,21, 22, 27,28,29

April is the fifth anniversary of the opening of Stage Left Theater.  To celebrate, we are presenting a reprise of the opening show, Marx in Soho, by Howard Zinn, directed by Tia Wooley, with Robert Nelson as Karl Marx.

Karl Marx has returned to earth (by special dispensation of the higher powers) to discuss his life, his friends, his work and his wife, and to offer comments about Capitalism, Socialism, and the modern world in a humorous and biting monologue.



Stage Left presents live theater that makes you think. Our productions touch on Social, Historical, Political, Ethical or Religious topics.  We want you, the audience, not only to enjoy great theater that you wouldn’t see somewhere else, but to experience the show as either a mirror or a window. Maybe you’ll see yourself in one of the characters and have a mirror to your own life, or maybe you will see the experiences of someone you know and peek through their window. No matter what, our hope is that you come away with insight to a different perspective and create some conversation!

Mission Statement: Our group is founded on the belief that live theater provides a mechanism for interpersonal interaction not provided by television and movies, that it should be a force for political, intellectual and social stimulation, and should be relevant to the daily lives of the audience and the players. We seek to broaden the involvement of the general population by engaging issues of topical value and stimulating the analysis and discussion of the structure and goals of society.