2017-2018 Season

Opening October 20, 2017

Two government agents wreak havoc on the life of obliging Khaled, seemingly a luckless Arab American. The importance of the play is aided and abetted by the Federal Patriot Act — our government can be the agent for terrorism, and not its sorry victim. The play won the 2004 Northwest Playwrights’ Competition held by Theater Schmeater, L.A. Weekly’s Excellence in Playwriting Award for 2006, was nominated for the 2006 American Theater Critics Association’s Steinberg/New Play Award, and was voted Best New Play of 2005 by the Seattle Times.
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Over 300 short, original plays were submitted from around the world for this festival!  Focusing on the work of the Playwrights, we will be presenting 9 of these original works in a readers theater style.  Join us on Friday November 10, Saturday November 11 or Sunday November 12. Over 25 of your favorite actors, 8 directors, some you know, some you will get to know, in our intimate theater at Stage Left.  Tickets $10 each to this event.
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Stage Left presents live theater that makes you think. Our productions touch on Social, Historical, Political, Ethical or Religious topics, we want you, the audience, to not only enjoy great theater that you wouldn’t see somewhere else, but to experience the show as either a mirror or a window.

Maybe you’ll see yourself in one of the characters and have a mirror to your own life, or maybe you will see the experiences of someone you know and peek through their window.

No matter what, our hope is that you come away with insight to a different perspective and create some conversation!