Season Show

The Controversy of Valladolid

by Jean-Claude Carrière, English version by Richard Nelson
Directed by Maynard Villers

January 11-27, 2019
Imagine a time when the Catholic Church had the right to determine whether or not you were human. In a sixteenth-century Spanish monastery, the fate of millions of American natives from an ocean away hangs precariously in the balance. THE CONTROVERSY OF VALLADOLID, an exciting new masterwork by French playwright and screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, brings to light the shocking real-life debates whose outcomes are still felt today.
“Jean-Claude Carrière’s fierce attack on [the Catholic Church] for its policies on human slavery makes for a refreshing change. Although based on a Spanish papal tribunal of 1550, Carrière’s stern historical drama hits a resounding contempo note with its revelations of how the church agonized over its ultimate conclusion that indigenous American natives were children of God after all—after invading their land, destroying their culture, plundering their natural resources and subjecting thousands of people to servitude, torture and death.” —Variety.


Season Show


written by Marina Carr
Directed by Rebecca McNeill

February 22 – March 10, 2019

Troy has fallen. It’s the end of war and the beginning of something else. Something worse. As the cries die down after the final battle, there are reckonings to be made. Humiliated by her defeat and imprisoned by the charismatic victor Agamemnon, the great queen Hecuba must wash the blood of her buried sons from her hands and lead her daughters forward into a world they no longer recognize. Agamemnon has slaughtered his own daughter to win this war. But now another sacrifice is demanded…In a world where human instinct has been ravaged by violence, is everything as it seems in the hearts of the winners and those they have defeated?


Show times are 7:30 Friday and Saturday, 2:00 Sunday
Online ticket sales close two hours before show time

Special Performance!

Stage Left is excited to announce that our Resident Playwright Molly Allen’s new & original work “Closing It Up” has been selected to be a part of the AACT-American Association of Community Theatre festival! The first part of the festival will be hosted by Princess Theatre in late February.

If you missed the premiere run of “Closing It Up” back in October or would love to see it again, you are in luck as there will be two performances at The Bing Crosby Theater on February 2nd. Showtimes are at 2PM & 7PM. This is your opportunity to see the show exactly as it will be performed at the Kaleidoscope Festival 2019! We’ll be selling tickets at under Closing It Up on February 2nd, afternoon and evening shows $24.50 General Admission.

Links to our two events are:

Written by Molly Allen
Directed by Heather McHenry-Kroetch
Staged Managed by Thomas Heppler
Produced by Kelly Meilbrecht
Starring: Mary Starkey, Molly Allen, Andrew Biviano, Mark Pleasant, Mary Jo Rudolf, Marty Kittelson, and Penny Lucas

Congratulations to everyone involved in this fabulous production.


Stage Left presents live theater that makes you think. Our productions touch on Social, Historical, Political, Ethical or Religious topics.  We want you, the audience, not only to enjoy great theater that you wouldn’t see somewhere else, but to experience the show as either a mirror or a window. Maybe you’ll see yourself in one of the characters and have a mirror to your own life, or maybe you will see the experiences of someone you know and peek through their window. No matter what, our hope is that you come away with insight to a different perspective and create some conversation!