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Upcoming Auditions:


“The Controversy of Valladolid” Auditions

Directed by Maynard Villers

AUDITIONS ARE AT Stage Left Theater, 108 W 3rd Ave, SPOKANE, WA
6:30 PM Monday and Tuesday, November 19-20, 2018

Show Info:
Stage Left Theater Runs: January 11-27, 2019

Imagine a time when the Catholic Church had the right to determine whether or not you were human. In a sixteenth-century Spanish monastery, the fate of millions of indigenous American natives from an ocean away hangs precariously in the balance. THE CONTROVERSY OF VALLADOLID by Jean-Claude Carrière, brings to light the shocking real-life debates whose repercussions are still felt today.

Ten actors: 6 European men, 1 African, 3 Indigenous Americans

A Dominican Monk — 40 to 60’s, Fit, outdoorsman. Has lived with and knows the American Natives. He contends that they are every bit as human as the Spaniards only with different customs.

The Philosopher – 40 to 60’s, Bookish, not outdoorsy. He contends that indigenous people are not human.

The Pope’s Legate – 50 to 60s, Italian Cardinal. He will make the final judgment.

Superior of The Monastery – Adult male.

A Colonist — 30s to 40s – Recently returned from Mexico.

A Clown — adult male, court jester.

American Native Father 20 – 30s , Non-speaking, unwilling participant in the debate

American Native Mother 20 – 30s , Non-speaking, unwilling participant in the debate

American Native Child to appear approx. 6 , Non-speaking, unwilling participant

African Servant, Adult male, Non-speaking


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