Season 2015

The plays listed here comprised the major shows in the Stage Left 2015-2016 Season. There were fully produced plays as well as experimental theater events and productions by other theater companies who rented our space. We hope you were able to attend these shows and that you found things to pique your interest and keep you coming back to Stage Left Theater.

Oct 16-Nov 1, 2015

Haymarket Eight

by Dereck Goldman and Jessica Thebus
Directed by Christopher Lamb
Starring Luke Faser, Blake King-Krueger, Ron Ford, Ron Weaks, Christopher Lamb, Rebecca Bolster, Kelsey Weddle, Tom Sanderson and Lauren Campbell

On May 4, 1886, a labor protest rally near Chicago’s Haymarket Square turned into a riot after someone threw a bomb at police. At least eight people died as a result of the violence that day. Despite a lack of evidence against them, eight radical labor activists were convicted in connection with the bombing. The Haymarket Riot was viewed a setback for the organized labor movement in America, which was fighting for such rights as the eight-hour workday. At the same time, the men convicted in connection with the riot were viewed by many in the labor movement as martyrs.

Inlander – October 29, 2015

December 4-20, 2015

Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins

by Margaret Engel and Allison Engel
Directed by Ron Ford
Starring Wendy Carroll and Lynn Noel (alternating)

The story of the unsinkable Molly Ivins, the famously brassy newspaper columnist and best-selling author. A true Texas original, Ivins was a sharp-tongued wit who skewered the political establishment and the “good ol’ boys” with her unforgettable humor and wisdom. Written by twin sisters, themselves longtime journalists, the play celebrates Ivins’ courage and tenacity – even when a complacent America wasn’t listening.

Inlander – December 3, 2015

February 19-March 6, 2016


by David Davalos
Directed by Patrick Treadway
Starring Cameron Price, Thomas Heppler, Jeremy Lindholm and Collette Daisy Hagen

“A cocktail of brainy allusions, absurdist plot twists, sly wordplay and disarming anachronisms, fortified with serious ideas, WITTENBERG should delight Tom Stoppard fans, recovering English majors, disillusioned academics and anyone who has ever wondered what Helen of Troy was like in the sack… WITTENBERG’s chief assets are Davalos’ light, confident handling of bona fide philosophical concepts and his archly virtuosic language.” — Washington Post

Iannelli Review, Feb 21, 2016

April 8-24, 2016

Nixon’s Nixon

by Russel Lees
Directed by Kyle Smock
Starring Ron Ford and Robert Nelson

The setting is the White House, in one of the most speculated moments in the history of American politics: the final meeting between President Richard Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on the eve of Nixon’s resignation speech. “…Mr. Lees’ blissfully funny and sometimes cruel fiction…both a serious work of the imagination and a fully realized political satire of the sort that the American theater seldom sees.” —NY Times.

Inlander – April 7, 2016

June 3-19, 2016

The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later

by Moisés Kaufman, Leigh Fondakowski, Greg Pierotti, Andy Paris and Stephen Belber
Directed by Rick Boal
Starring Cassie Coleman-Heppler, Hannah Knous, Joni Elizabeth, Jennie Oliver, Ron Ford, Lauralynn “Lulu” Stafford, Collette Hagen, Phoenix Tage

In November, 1998, gay university student Matthew Shepard was beaten to death in Laramie, Wyoming. Ten members of Tectonic Theatre Project traveled to Laramie and conducted interviews with the people of the town. Over the next year, the company returned to Laramie six times and conducted over 200 interviews. These texts became the basis for the play The Laramie Project. Ten years later, in September, 2008, five members of Tectonic returned to Laramie to try to understand the long-term effect of the murder. They found a town wrestling with its legacy and its place in history. In addition to revisiting the folks whose words riveted us in the original play, this time around the company also spoke with the two murderers, McKinney and Henderson, as well as Matthew’s mother, Judy Shepard. THE LARAMIE PROJECT: TEN YEARS LATER is a bold new work, which asks the question, “How does society write its own history?”

Spokesman – June 2, 2016

June 22-26, 2016

The Gin Game

by Donald L. Coburn
Produced by Woodland Theatre Productions
Starring Ed Bryan and Kathie Doyle-Lipe

Weller Martin and Fonsia Dorsey, two elderly residents at a nursing home for senior citizens, strike up an acquaintance. Neither seems to have any other friends, and they start to enjoy each other’s company. Weller offers to teach Fonsia how to play gin rummy, and they begin playing a series of games that Fonsia always wins. Weller’s inability to win a single hand becomes increasingly frustrating to him, while Fonsia becomes increasingly confident. While playing their games of gin, they engage in lengthy conversations about their families and their lives in the outside world. Gradually, each conversation becomes a battle, much like the ongoing gin games, as each player tries to expose the other’s weaknesses, to belittle the other’s life, and to humiliate the other thoroughly.