2 men - 20's, 30's and older
2 women - 20's, 30's and older
1 male or female - 20's, 30's and older
Cold Readings from the script
Monday at Tuesday, May 15 & 16 - 6:30 pm at Stage Left Theater
Director Chris Taylor

Greg: Mid to late 30’s (can be older). Affable, sincere, loves his wife and his family, but is struggling with a mid-life crisis. He believes Sylvia is the answer to his current life-dilemma.
Kate: Mid to late 30’s (can be older). Strong, determined, schoolteacher. She finally has this time in her life to focus on her career and life goals. Sylvia’s arrival and Greg’s current mid-life struggle are antagonistic forces to that goal.
Tom: Late 20’s-late 40’s. Ripped, buff, strong, macho man who has a unique understanding of dogs and how they relate to our world. Underneath his rough exterior is a thoughtful thinker.
Phyllis: Mid to late 30’s (can be older). A old friend of Kate. She isn’t quite always “there” and enjoys drinking. Loves to hear herself talk.
Leslie: late 20’s to late 40’s. Androgynous character who is a psychiatrist. (S)he intervenes when asked by Kate to help restore their hurting marriage. Kind but direct.
(The role of Sylvia has been cast)

This is a new voyage for Stage Left Theater. We are adding a summer fundraising show to our activities!
Thank you Chris Taylor for thinking of us.
We are coordinating with the Spokane Humane Society to work with them to support their programs for the many pets that travel through their facility every year, and to add a show that a director requests to our year.
While Sylvia isn't included in our regular season, we hope you'll join us at Stage Left Theater for this hilarious comedy about a man, a dog and a wife who isn't so sure she likes the new dog. Thank you to our sponsors Bob and Pat Mielbrecht!
Tickets are $10
the show will run Friday, Saturday, Sunday from July 14 - July 30 with showtimes Friday & Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 2 pm.
For ticket information please email BoxOffice@SpokaneStageLeft.org
Email: BoxOffice@SpokaneStageLeft.org