Season 2016

The plays listed here comprise the major shows in the Stage Left 2016-2017 Season. There are fully produced plays as well as experimental theater events and productions by other theater companies who rent our space. We hope you will find in this list of offerings things to pique your interest and keep you coming back to Stage Left Theater.

Aug 26 – Sept 11, 2016

The Sunset Limited

By Cormac McCarthy
Directed by Jennie Oliver
Starring Ron Ford and Edward Casto

A startling encounter on a New York subway platform leads two strangers to a run-down tenement where a life or death decision must be made. In that small apartment, Black and White, as the two men are known, begin a conversation that leads each back through his own history, mining the origins of two fundamentally opposing world views. White is a professor whose seemingly enviable existence of relative ease has left him nonetheless in despair. Black, an ex-con and ex-addict, is the more hopeful of the men though he is just as desperate to convince White of the power of faith as White is desperate to deny it. Their aim is no less than this: to discover the meaning of life. Deft, spare, and full of artful tension, The Sunset Limited is a beautifully crafted, consistently thought-provoking, and deceptively intimate work by one of the most insightful writers of our time.

Spokesman – Aug 25, 2016
Inlander Sept 1, 2016

Oct 14-30, 2016

 A Piece of My Heart

by Shirley Lauro
Directed by Heather McHenry-Kroetch
Starring Audrie Pursch, Charisa Bareither, Phletha Wynn-Hynes, Jennie Oliver, Dana Sammond, Jaclyn Archer, and Chris Jensen

This is a powerful, true drama of six women who went to Vietnam: five nurses and a country western singer booked by an unscrupulous agent to entertain the troops. The play portrays each young woman before, during, and after her tour in the war-torn nation and ends as each leaves a personal token at the memorial wall in Washington. “There have been a number of plays dealing with Viet Nam, but none with the direct, emotional impact of Ms. Lauro’s work. –The New York Times

Inlander Oct 20, 2016


November 4-6, 2016

Hit & Run X

A special event produced by Sandra Hosking

The tenth year of Sandra Hosking’s ever popular staged reading of short comedies by playwrights from the Spokane area and beyond. This year’s production will be a retrospective of favorite plays from the previous nine years.



Jan 13-29, 2017


by Ayad Akhtar
Directed by Lance Babbitt
Starring Anthony Joseph Mazzie, Aubrey Shimek Davis, Alyssa Jordan, Robert John Hodge and Jared Johnson

Winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize. “…a vitally engaged play about thorny questions of identity and religion in the contemporary world, with an accent on the incendiary topic of how radical Islam and the terrorism it inspires have affected the public discourse. In dialogue that bristles with wit and intelligence, Mr. Akhtar…puts contemporary attitudes toward religion under a microscope. Metaphorically, Akhtar says “There are ways that the colonial history of the West is still playing out in the Muslim world. The events that comprise that history — a disgrace of native peoples, as it were — is still very much a part of our contemporary moment.”

Spokesman – Jan 17, 2017
Inlander – Jan 26, 2017

March 3-19, 2017


by Howard Zinn
Directed by Jessica Loomer
Starring Kearney Jordan, David Hardie, Jacob Carruthers, Teresa Hughbanks, Joe Smeader, Brook Bassett and Julie Berghammer

Historian and playwright Howard Zinn dramatizes the life of Emma Goldman, the anarchist, feminist, and free-spirited thinker who was exiled from the United States because of her outspoken views, including her opposition to World War I. With his wit and unique ability to illuminate history from below, Zinn reveals the life of this remarkable woman. As Zinn writes in his Introduction, Emma Goldman “seemed to be tireless as she traveled the country, lecturing to large audiences everywhere, on birth control (“A woman should decide for herself”), on the falsity of marriage as an institution (“Marriage has nothing to do with love”), on patriotism (“the last refuge of a scoundrel”) on free love (“What is love if not free?”) and also on the drama, including Shaw, Ibsen, and Strindberg. The play will be of immense interest to feminists, American historians, and people interested in the long history of resistance and protest in the United States.

April 21 – May 7, 2017


by Tom Stoppard
Directed by Jamie Flanery and Kathleen Jeffs
Starring Brooklyn Robinson, Chris Jensen, Tami Rotchford, Matthew Rindge,Jordan Guinn Schneider, Dave Rideout, Tim Linton, Luke Hamburg, Ron Weaks, Ladonna Wojtowicz, Ron Ford and Marek Nelson

Arcadia moves back and forth between 1809 and the present at the elegant estate owned by the Coverly family. The 1809 scenes reveal a household in transition. As the Arcadian landscape is being transformed into picturesque Gothic gardens, complete with a hermitage, thirteen year-old Lady Thomasina and her tutor delve into intellectual and romantic issues. Present day scenes depict the Coverly descendants and two competing scholars who are researching a possible scandal at the estate in 1809 involving Lord Byron. This brilliant play moves smoothly between the centuries and explores the nature of truth and time, the difference between classical and romantic temperaments, and the disruptive influence of sex on our life orbits, the attraction Newton left out. “Stoppard’s richest, most ravishing comedy to date, a play of wit, intellect, language, brio and…emotion. It’s like a dream of levitation: you’re instantaneously aloft, soaring, banking, doing loop the loops… The playwright is a daredevil pilot who’s steady at the controls.” – The New York Times

Inlander, April 20, 2017
Iannelli Review, April 24, 2017

June 9-25, 2017

The Trip To Bountiful

by Horton Foote
Directed by Troy Nickerson
Starring Jamie Flanery, MaryJo Rudolf, Janelle Frisque, Thomas Heppler, Nichole Dumoulin, Nick Bailey and Eli Drushella.

A Play about the myth of an idea called home. Mr. Foote creates characters, nearly all of whom come from the same stretch of provincial Texas, who long to believe in the reality of real estate, that a house is a fortress and an anchor in a world of threatening flux. But the playwright is as merciless as he is compassionate. Home is only an illusion for his people, and everyone is ultimately an orphan, even when surrounded by family.” —NY Times “I’ve never been more deeply moved by a theatrical production of any kind.” —Wall Street Journal